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I’m Not Clever When I Try

Hi Everybody,

Thank you sincerely for your interest in Distant Heart Sounds. The reviews are still coming in and remain terrific. Again, this blog will be used to answer your questions about the book and writing in general, share some ideas, and discuss some ghost stories.

On Friday, 10/16/2020, highlighted DHS as an ebook deal. The discounted price of $0.99 lasts thru 10/17/2020, and then returns to the full price of $2.99. DHS can make a great little gift for Halloween, or for the holidays. It’s a quick, fun read that promises to entertain for a few hours. If anything can help you forget about current events for even a few minutes, it’s worth reading.

Dr. Paul of Impact Radio USA ran a podcast interview on 10/16/2020, that I did about DHS. If you’re interested in hearing it, please click on: Dr. Paul asked thoughtful questions about the book. He was a gracious host and helped me relax. As a devout introvert, I rarely relax.

Please, take a moment to send to me your questions or share ghosts stories at With your permission, I will share some of these comments on this space at my home page,

Be safe and I hope to hear from you!

Kate MacInnis


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