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Kate MacInnis

Don't beleive in ghosts?

You can't see germs either.


Book 3 Is Here! 

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April 2023

Distant Relatives

“Like a fine chocolate, you always want more.” Distant Relatives, book three of the series is here.




Caleb was snuggled into his seat by the desk where he snored as loudly as a lawn mower.

“You sleep with that every night?” Savvy asked.

“Not every night,” Morgan answered. She shrugged a little and smiled.

“Did you ever wonder what your children would look like? His half Native American heritage and your pasty whatever from Great Britain ancestry? Although both of you do have blue eyes and dark hair.”

“Yeah, I’ve wondered about it and I can’t picture a kid with our genes. We’re both tall, too. But he’s too handsome to be human. If they all look like him, I’m okay with it. As long as they don’t snore.”

“Well, rather than wake him now, let’s go ahead and eat. I’d bet he did have a bad night at the EC.” Savvy opened her bags and shared the contents with Morgan. When that was finished, Morgan opened her bags to share.

“Did you ever notice that women turn to food in a time of crisis way more than men do?” Morgan asked.

“Yes. Seems to be the nature of the beast. Even if men do eat too much, it doesn’t show at all or take a month to get rid of. Damn them for that, too,” Savvy said.

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June 2022

Distant Memories

Grab a glass of wine…Morgan’s life has become a wild ride!

Here we go again! Distant Memories, Book Two in the Nurse Morgan Series is about Emergency Room nurse Morgan Cutler, who has made peace with the ghosts in her little house on Melody Lane in Metro Detroit. That is, as long as resident spirits Elisabeth and Jonathan Wilkerson abide by the rules and limitations. All is well until one day the seductress, Esmeralda Camarillo Castillo, visits from the other side. Man-hungry and voluptuous, Esmeralda has set her sights on Caleb Lightfoot, MD, Morgan’s boyfriend.

Mr. Too Good to Be True and so handsome he makes her mouth water, Caleb Lightfoot, MD, is moving a little too fast in their new relationship. As a woman in her early 40’s, Morgan is too wise and smart to fall in love with a heartbreaker, but is this guy for real? Could he be the one for her? Either way, Morgan’s not willing to let the seductive Esmeralda to get her hands on him.

On top of that, the house, car, and hospital are filled with ghosts—some of whom are up to no good. Morgan has to keep the balance in her head, life, career, and universe as she battles the demands placed on her by this world and the next.


Book Bub Review

5 Stars


Distant Memories: A Nurse Morgan Series: Book Two

Kate MacInnis did it again with the second book in the nurse Morgan series. These books are just such an easy fun read, something you can laugh at, fret over, and just appreciate. The perfect books to cozy up to and consume from cover to cover. I couldn't put it down and can't help but fall more in love with all of our characters, living and not! Kate is an exceptional author, allowing us to forget ourselves for a while and enjoy a good for the soul read!

Goodreads Review

5 Stars

Nurse Morgan is still trying to adjust to her newly discovered abilities to see, communicate with, and help ghosts both at home and in her job as a nurse. Not only can she now see ghosts and auras, but she can also now see time loops and even interact with the ghosts who are stuck in them. However, as her new relationship with Dr. Caleb Lightfoot, progresses, a new ghost at home, and at work, causes issues for everyone in both planes. Esmeralda is a man obsessed ghost who is determined to get what, and who, she wants. When she sets her eyes on Caleb, Morgan knows she has to do something to get rid of her. She’s only further assured that she’s on the right path when Esmy starts causing issues at the hospital, from pushing patients to cross over, to inappropriately touching patients and staff members and shattering glass and harming hospital workers. Morgan is going to need help from her friends to handle this particular problem, both living and ghost. 

Book Bub Review

5 Stars

Morgan Cutler is back and this time she has even more ghostly friends. She has made peace with those that occupy her house, but a new one has cropped up and she intends to find out why. This one is named Esmerelda and it seems that Morgan's new boyfriend has caught her eye. Why has Esmerelda tried to attach herself to Caleb? Having come to terms with her newfound abilities she is starting to see more people who haven't fully crossed over in the hospital. Do they need help in finishing business they were unable to finish? I enjoyed the first book of this series and I have enjoyed this one just as much. This book could be read as a stand alone, however there are a few returning characters and there are references to the first book. Overall the author did a good job of reigning the reader in and gave us a good plot. I felt that the story flowed well and didn't drag on too long. I do hope there is another book in this series and look forward to reading it when it comes out.

Book Bub Review

5 Stars

Book 2 of the series has turned out to be as entertaining as the first book. Nurse Morgan Cutler and the cast of characters: Dr. Lightfoot, Savvy, Tiffany, Ellen, Gloria, and our favorite ghost couple the Wilkersons return for another adventure. This time, Esme, a nasty little seductress from another world, is causing issues on both sides of the veil. Nurse Morgan is caught in the middle. Everyone wants her gone and they want Nurse Morgan to do it. With the humor, romance, mystery and just plain fun, this author gives us a great book that you'll enjoy reading. The plot has some substory lines that jump off yet come right back in and tie up into the main story line so smooth. There are plot twists that leave you guessing and laughing. The Wilkersons are a hoot. I love everything about this series and hope there will be more. Recommended for all.

5 Stars

We are back with Morgan and her unpredictable life. As with the first book she continues to have visitors from beyond and continues to be an amazing nurse. This author is fast becoming a favorite as she writes with so much passion, emotion and depth. She truly loves her characters and wants her readers to love them as well. This is the second book in a series and in order to fully get the story you shouldn’t jump over book one. You won’t regret reading this series.

Excerpt from DM


Caleb peered out the window. “Nope, I don’t see anyone driving. Is that some special factory-added package on the car, or are your ghosts going for a joy ride?”

“The driver is a ghost and he doesn’t want to be seen. My money is on Jonathan Wilkerson learning how to drive the Jeep. I have to stop this now before he gets brave and goes out on the open road. Jonathan loves toys and often forgets that he’s not alive anymore.”

August 2020

Distant Heart Sounds

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Distant Heart Sounds by Kate MacInnis, is the first book in a three-part series about Morgan Cutler, a Metropolitan Detroit emergency room nurse who has developed the powers to communicate with folks on the other side. Her strength of character, sense of humor and good friends help her deal with encounters she never dreamed of before. If you love a ghost story with a sense a humor, please order your copy today from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Amazon Reader rated it: It was amazing

Distant Heart Sounds (Nurse Morgan Series Book 1)
By Kate MacInnis
5 out of 5 stars

I loved reading the book Distant Heart Sounds (Nurse Morgan Series Book 1) by Kate MacInnis. It is a wonderful paranormal/romance story that pulled me in from the beginning and I was hooked. I loved reading about the character of Morgan Cutler. She is an ER center nurse who finds herself with psychic abilities after a near-death experience. Morgan is a woman who works hard, is intelligent, and is not in a relationship at the current moment. What she finds herself experiencing at first has her wondering what is happening and then as the story progresses, she finds herself able to be more accepting of them. This story has comical moments, I was laughing out loud at some of the interactions between the characters. Morgan also opens herself up to a relationship with a new handsome/charming ER doctor. I grew to care about what happens to both Morgan and the doctor. They are a good pair and I couldn’t help but root for them to give their relationship a chance. Other additional characters are introduced, and I enjoyed reading about them and the part that they play in the story. Don’t miss out on a story that is intriguing and entertaining. I highly recommend reading it.

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Created by Itsy Bitsy Book Bits

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Goodreads Reader rated it 4 out of 5 stars

Distant Heart Sounds (Nurse Morgan Series Book 1)
By Kate MacInnis

I enjoyed this book. This is my first book by this author, I look forward to reading more from this author. This is a well developed story that left me turning pages fast. The characters bring this story to life and made me feel as if I am right there with them. I had no problems connecting to them. This is a fun, exciting story that is engaging and easy to read. This is a story about Morgan. She is an emergency nurse who has a near death experience. She now has some psychic abilities and she doesn’t feel like herself. But it has also given her the confidence to open herself up to romance. But what she sees in him could be better left unseen. I really enjoyed this book and it made a great afternoon read. I highly recommend reading this book to find out what happens with Morgan.

Red and Blue Fireworks

Excerpt from DHS 

The three of them looked at the beautiful woman with a hole in her chest. The entrance wound missed the heavy diamond necklace; her mouth was open, and she stared dully with lifeless, green eyes.

“This obviously was not a robbery. That necklace is worth more than my house.” Morgan looked at Chief Hill.

“Looks like a small-caliber wound at close range,” said Adam Thornton. “We’ll have her moved to the city morgue where they can confirm.” He pulled a notebook out of his pocket and scribbled.

“I know what happened,” Gloria said from behind Morgan, who jumped and turned to find herself face to face with the woman.

“I had brunch at the country club today with some of my friends. It was a charity event with all sorts of people there. The valet went to get my car, but he came back and said it had a flat tire, which he offered to fix once the rush was over. I didn’t believe him and crossed the parking lot to see for myself. When I got to my car, it did have a flat tire. I didn’t know what else to do, so I decided to go back to the valet and call for help.”

Morgan stared with her mouth open as she listened to the woman recount the experience. She turned back to the detectives and coughed.

“Morgan, are you okay?” Ed asked.

Gloria stopped and glared at Ed. “Excuse me, officer, I was in the middle of my death story.”



Michigan-born and raised, ebook bestselling author Kate earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism at Oakland University and master's in American Culture from the University of Michigan-Flint. As a professional writer for more than 20 years, her career includes freelance newspaper features, book reviews and fundraising -- primarily in health care, particularly hospitals. These experiences provided many opportunities to hear stories from frontline nurses, doctors, visitors and family members about unusual activities and miracles that occur without a clear-cut, scientific explanation. She also has had her own share of unusual experiences, some of which are shared in this book. 

Kate is married to the love of her life, has two grown sons and three grandchildren.





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